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Group 26

We are a non-bias, non-political, non-partisan, non-religious, non-profit community-based organization. Established to help refugees and make them feel at home again.


Our Mission Statement

  • The newcomers need to be presented with different communities especially newcomer youth and children.
  • Newcomer youth needs to enroll in programs and activities to keep them entertained in a safe and healthy way.
  • Educate newcomer families about the rules and culture in Canada and fill the gap between newcomer generations.
  • The need for integration that matches between cultural background local society.

Our Mandate

  • Outreach newcomer communities and build bridges between different cultures.
  • Convey the voice of newcomers to government departments, provincially and federally.
  • Advocate for newcomer rights.
  • Communicate with aboriginal communities and create programs to introduce newcomers
    and aboriginal people to each other culture.

Our vision

  • To live in a peaceful society in harmony with all community components.
  • Equality and equity between all society members.
  • Ensure the rights of speech, thinking, living, learning and voting for all newcomers.
  • Successful integration for newcomer generations.
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